Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hi all, I have two new pieces which will be in the Xmas-Luau show at Strychnin gallery in Berlin. The opening is on the 11th Dec from 7-11pm. I had a peek at a few of the pieces as I was dropping mine in and it's sure to be an amazing show. Some details below.

"Berlin is dark, cold and grey during winter, but this show promises to bring the tropics to the heart of Friedrichshain with an all-star lineup of international Tiki artists! Celebrated Tiki artists such as Shag, KRK Ryden, Heather Watts, Thorsten Hasenkamm and Moritz R. join Strychnin regulars Mimi S, Seymour, Wee Flowers, Elmer Presslee and many more will be showing brand new artwork – paintings, photographs, prints, sculptures and customised ukuleles.

In order to keep the party going, Strychnin Gallery has teamed up with Roadrunne
r’s Paradise in Prenzlauer Berg and will be holding the after party there. The club will be open from 10pm, and features live music from The Montesas."

'Johnny' 1/1 hand sculpted and painted, finished with a satin varnish. Stands approx 25cm and comes with an acrylic dome.
For pricing and sales info contact Strychnin Gallery.

'Nuclear History' 1/1 hand sculpted and painted, finished with a satin varnish and mounted on wooden backings. Tallest standing approx 42cm.
For pricing and sales info contact Strychnin Gallery.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Seymour Decks

Finally I have some skate decks available!! To start with there are 10 designs (crops etc from my print work). Printed onto high quality hard-rock maple decks. You can even choose from 8 different deck styles including a pointed nose old school deck.
The decks are only $74.95 USD plus shipping which is a bargain for a custom deck, and are available at*

Thursday, November 12, 2009

'Seat with a view'

'Seat with a view' is a new sculpture I have just finished for Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. It started a few months ago when I found an old clock at a market which was basically dead apart from it's shell and thought it would be nice to cut the front out and use it like a stage. At the same market I witnessed an old homeless guy trying entice a young girl by waving his half eaten corn cob at her. So a mix of that and too much Jethro Tulls 'Aqualung' album, this is what came out. I gutted the clock, refinished it and installed a small light with a switch. Then sculpted the characters and the trees from a mix of clays and hand painted them. The back ground is of children dancing around with balloons.
For enquires regarding pricing etc contact Strychnin Gallery.

Razor blade candy canes

The Red door Gallery in Edinburgh has a bit of a reputation for having an amazing Christmas display each year. They call on independent artists to create hand made decorations which sell from £1-£25 with a portion of that going to a charity.
Last year I made the Christmas wish list books (see way below on the blog), this year it's Razor blade candy canes....or parcel openers if customs asks. They are made from polymer clay with inserted super sharp blades, hand painted and varnished with a tie up fasten.
The decorations will be on display and for sale from the 21st November at The Red Door Gallery, 42 Victoria St, Edinburgh, UK

Friday, October 16, 2009


I just wanted to take the chance to give the ups to a gallery that stocks my work back in New Zealand. 
Eyeball kicks opened in 2005 by a Wellington couple, Calvin and Monique. The gallery is a real mix from lowbrow to Fine art, Tiki art, Posters, Ltd Edition Prints, t-shirts, etc. Christmas Gifts galore!!!
They have also started doing custom framing jobs and are doing an amazing job of framing up my prints in interesting ways.
I have a shipment of prints ready to send their way, so keep your eyes out in 3 weeks or so!
You can find Eyeball Kicks at 225 Cuba street, Wellington, New Zealand. Also check out their website!

Hi all, sorry it's been a while. Berlins summer has been too good to be behind the desk. I have posted below the flyer of an up coming show at the Strychnin gallery here in Berlin. I will have 3 new pieces in this show including a customised Ukulele. Again there will be some great artists as well as huge after party, details also below.
See you there!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Songbook of Unsingable songs.

This is a Poster I have just finished designing for an upcoming show by 'Music at the Brewhouse' titled The songbook of Unsingable Songs.
 The details of the show are listed below. This will the the world Premiere so if you are in Edinburgh and Glasgow on the 2nd and 3rd of November it will be a must see!

Award winning composer and band leader Stephen Deazley has teamed up with BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live poet Matt Harvey to create a quirky and cantankerous collection of songs for young children to sing and children of all ages to enjoy!   

Harvey’s humourous and heart-breaking lyrics delight in the childishness of children and regales with tales of the absurdity of grown-ups.  Fourteen piece band Music at the Brewhouse are joined by a massed choir of 300 young singers from Edinburgh’s Voice Academy and Glasgow’s Voice Factory for a very special world premiere. 

Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall: 2nd November 7pm
Edinburgh, Usher Hall: 3rd November 7pm

Seymour Tattoos

The other day I was sent these pics from a dude called Chris (featured in the pics) who lives in Wellington New Zealand. The 'Manbot' sleeve is a work in progress and  I believe there will be colour added soon. The latest tat is of 'Why do birds suddenly appear'. I am stoked with the way they came out, cheers Chris and a great job by Dan at Tattoo City Wellington!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mailing List!

Hey there,

I am starting up a mailing list for people interested in being updated with everything Seymour. I plan to send out blog updates, news, work availability and prices amongst other stuff.
If you would like to be involved please email with 'Mailing list' as the subject line'.
Alternatively you can submit your details below for a feed from my blog.
Cheers Seymour

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Friday, July 31, 2009

'Culture Label' Website

Just gone online this week is a new site, a boutique shopping destination that brings together products from over 60 culture institutions from the UK and Europe, including The Tate and The Museum of London. The products range from limited edition art all the way to t-shirts and accessories. The site is easy to navigate with different

 ways to find your perfect product, by searching by category, room, theme or price. Strychnin Gallery has its own space on culture label with a selection of artists and art pieces including my chess set, and separately sold limited edition boxed chess figures. Check out the site if independent, interesting or unique is what you are shopping for.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi all. 
Well the Edinburgh Fringe Festival kicks off next week. It's now the biggest arts festival in the world with gigs, shows and every type of art event you can imagine running 24/7 for the whole month. To Celebrate I have made these three festival inspired sculptures that will be available at The Red Door Gallery who are conveniently located in the heart of Edinburgh's old town (42 Victoria Street).
The pieces are 1 of 1 hand sculpted with polymer clay, then painted and gloss lacquered, mounted in antique domes. They range in size with the tallest being approximately 18cm. 
These are pretty fun to make so I imagine this is just the beginning.
For inquiries on these pieces go here.
Cheers Seymour!

'Sherman Swindler'

'Bondage Boy & Monkey'

'Doug & Rodney'

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello all, I thought it was about time for a midsummer update from hot Berlin. To start with the 'Midsummer Night’s Madness' group show at Strychnin Gallery went really well. There was so much incredible work on display for the show. The show had a favorable review in national German newspaper Die Welt, and I was also lucky enough to meet up with Frank from the super cool I heart Berlin website to chat about the things I've been creating since living in Berlin. Here is the link if you would like to read the article, iheartberlin review also I highly recommend having a look in at the site anyway if you are interested in what's happening around the city, as its updated daily and always an interesting read. Plans for the next few months is a collection of small sculpture pieces to work with vintage glass domes that I have been relentlessly hunting and gathering from markets and vintage stores around the city. My next print piece will be a 1/1 with what I am hoping will be intricate, detailed drawings that are a continuation of some of the themes I explored in 'Under the Looking Glass'. Also on the list is to make a bit of time to see the sun from somewhere other than behind my studio window. Anyway, thanks for all your support and coming past so regularly to see what's new, all the best for your long summer days (and nights!).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Pieces!!

Over the past few months I have been working on these new pieces for the 'Midsummers Night Madness show which is on at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin on the 12th June. There will be some really great artists there including Elmer Presslee, Angie Mason, Mimi.S, amongst others. For pricing info you an go Here to the inventory and pre-sale section of the Strychnin website.
If your in Berlin on the 12th, see you there!

'Custom Chess set'
Since being in Berlin I have had the time a to try out some bigger projects. I had always loved the look of Chess sets even though I don't play.
I started off with sculpting the characters out of polymer clay and then making silicone molds from them. I then cast them out of a strong plaster/silicone mix to make the 36 pieces. 1x King, 1x Queen, 2x Bishops, 2x Knights, 2 x Rooks and 8 x different pawns each side. After touching them up and painting them I then started to construct the board. The board is made to fold in half into a case and has custome fit felt covered draws to hold the pieces. The actual board playing size is 38x38cm with a 6cm boarder. This is a one off so get in fast!

'Believe Everything'
Sculpture: Potters clay & Polymer clay, hand engraved, painted and gloss varnished, mounted in a glass dome.

'Believe Nothing' (print size: 25x26cm)
1/1 Print: Ink and digital mixed Media. Archival Giclee Print on to William Tuner 310gsm art paper. Hand embossed and framed.
This is a piece I completed earlier in the year and had been waiting for the right time to release it. The Strychin show being a perfect op. I decided not to make it edition so this is the first of my 1/1 prints.

'Ernest and Ethel'
Painting: Acrylic and ink on textured art paper framed in a restored antique frame with glass.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Strychnin Gallery Blog

Take a look at the Strychnin Gallerys new blog site Here. There's a heap of great artwork, news, show pics etc. I will have 4 new pieces showing at there in June as part of the 'Midsummers night Madness show'. It's all slowly coming together, pheww
Some pics of the new work to follow soon..promise. 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Midsummer Night's Madness

Hi all, this is sneak peak of what I am working on at the moment. These are the some of the characters I have been modelling for a chess set I am making for the 'Mid Summers night Madness' show at the Strychnin gallery in Berlin in June.
I have made these out of a mix of Polymer clays and plan to cast them out of glass resin for the final set.
I will be doing 3 other pieces for this group show, so look back soon...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Snapshot Series

'Snapshot no. 1

'Snapshot no. 2'

Snapshot no. 3'

Hi all.
I thought I'd post a sneak peak (in galleries within the next week) of the new prints that I've been working on over the last month or so, a project of moments in time that go back as far as 20 years, saved up especially for this series. The Snapshot series is a set of 3 prints, each one based on a mental snapshot in time that I have experienced personally or that visually created a long lasting effect.

These are prints designed to work together thematically and tonally, although they will also go on sale separately. They are 19.5cm x 28cm and printed onto Hahnemuhle archival fine art paper with an edition size of 100 of each. The Edition number is higher than some of my previous pieces in order to make them affordable for all to purchase as a threesome, as that is how they were designed to be viewed. Each print is presented mounted on black card protected in a plastic sleeve, signed and numbered. For enquiries regarding purchasing and stockists go here.

Monday, February 2, 2009

'Why do birds suddenly appear?' Sculpted Model

I have been wanting to try turning my flat graphics into sculpture for some time now. I started off with a few easy characters to see what the process involved as I hadn't even touched clay since I was at school. They turned out better than I thought so I moved onto small sets.
This one stands about 28cm high and is made from a mixture of modelling clays and then hand painted and cased in an old clock dome. I really enjoyed the process involved in this type of modelling and I plan on exploring this medium way more and see what I can do.
If you are interested in this piece it is currently on display and for sale at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

'Cabaret Baby' is now available at The Red Door Gallery. This is a high quality Giclee print printed with K3 inks onto archival Hahnemuhle German etching paper. The edition is limited to 10 prints only, each stamped signed and numbered including a certificate of authenticity.
There is only a few left so get in quick. Contact

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello. Hope you all had fantastic Christmas and New Year celebrations. I had a great time, thanks to family, friends and festive cheer. I even got to fit in a bit of a break, which is just as well cause it's all go again now that its January. I have got loads of exciting offers and projects lined up for the first half of this year, you'll be seeing lots of new work and a special project that is unlike anything I have tried to date, so be prepared for something a bit different. Anyway, nose back to the grindstone, or the sketchbook in this particular case. Thanks for all your support last year, all the best for 2009 to you all.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

'Believe Nothing'

This is a new piece titled 'Believe Nothing' which I created for New Sugar magazine.
It will be released as a very limited edition Giclee print. If you are interested in reserving a print or would like more info you can contact Peter at Otherwise i will put up a post when it is available in the galleries.

New Sugar Magazine

Happy New Year Everyone! Hopefully you all had a great 31st celebrating all the best for 2009. 
To start the year off with a bang I have had my work selected for 'New Sugar' which is a new'ish PDF magazine that's been put together to showcase artists, illustrators and designers world wide. There is a bunch of really great artwork and interviews in there so make sure you check it out at