Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seymour in Ammo Magazine

If you haven't seen it in stores already, there is great magazine/art book available from the UK called Ammo Magazine. Ammos Focus is finding and exposing illustrators worldwide. They are also totally independent which means they aren't restricted by big publishing companies, but it also means they work very hard each month to produce the issue on limited funding.
This month I was lucky enough to be featured in issue 4 with an interview and lots of samples of my work. If you get in early you can score a one of the limited edition mags with a hand made cover full of stickers and other bits. If you are into art book and love illustration I highly recommend you check this magazine out! Oh yeah it's only £5

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Seymour Dolls house

Hi all.

A few weeks back I said I would post some pics of the house I am building for the Cologne Artfair 21 in October. It's been a mammoth project so far and has taken far longer than I thought it usual. I have designed and constructed each part individually and put it all together like a big puzzle. All the detailing is hand cut and carved and is constructed from mostly wood and plastics as well as thick card for the tiling etc. So far it stands about 140cm tall. The outside still needs its lights and a paint job and then I can start the inside which will be 9 different rooms. Not your classic dolls house rooms!
More pics to come in a few weeks,
Cheers Seymour