Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Songbook of Unsingable songs.

This is a Poster I have just finished designing for an upcoming show by 'Music at the Brewhouse' titled The songbook of Unsingable Songs.
 The details of the show are listed below. This will the the world Premiere so if you are in Edinburgh and Glasgow on the 2nd and 3rd of November it will be a must see!

Award winning composer and band leader Stephen Deazley has teamed up with BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live poet Matt Harvey to create a quirky and cantankerous collection of songs for young children to sing and children of all ages to enjoy!   

Harvey’s humourous and heart-breaking lyrics delight in the childishness of children and regales with tales of the absurdity of grown-ups.  Fourteen piece band Music at the Brewhouse are joined by a massed choir of 300 young singers from Edinburgh’s Voice Academy and Glasgow’s Voice Factory for a very special world premiere. 

Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall: 2nd November 7pm
Edinburgh, Usher Hall: 3rd November 7pm


Stuart said...

Hey Seymour, Sweet poster, how can i get my hands on one?? Cheers Stu

Seymour said...

Hey Stu, Glad you like. I think it will be a great show also! They should be on the the streets in a month or so. Cheers.

Joan McAlpine said...

Love your work, my daughter sang in the choir and is very proud of her "shop at the top of the world" t-shirt. Keen to buy a poster too.
Have blogged on the event and your programme illustrations here


Seymour said...

Thanks for that Joan! I've been hearing heaps of great stuff about the show.
Cheers Pete