Thursday, November 12, 2009

'Seat with a view'

'Seat with a view' is a new sculpture I have just finished for Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. It started a few months ago when I found an old clock at a market which was basically dead apart from it's shell and thought it would be nice to cut the front out and use it like a stage. At the same market I witnessed an old homeless guy trying entice a young girl by waving his half eaten corn cob at her. So a mix of that and too much Jethro Tulls 'Aqualung' album, this is what came out. I gutted the clock, refinished it and installed a small light with a switch. Then sculpted the characters and the trees from a mix of clays and hand painted them. The back ground is of children dancing around with balloons.
For enquires regarding pricing etc contact Strychnin Gallery.

Razor blade candy canes

The Red door Gallery in Edinburgh has a bit of a reputation for having an amazing Christmas display each year. They call on independent artists to create hand made decorations which sell from £1-£25 with a portion of that going to a charity.
Last year I made the Christmas wish list books (see way below on the blog), this year it's Razor blade candy canes....or parcel openers if customs asks. They are made from polymer clay with inserted super sharp blades, hand painted and varnished with a tie up fasten.
The decorations will be on display and for sale from the 21st November at The Red Door Gallery, 42 Victoria St, Edinburgh, UK