Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Pieces!!

Over the past few months I have been working on these new pieces for the 'Midsummers Night Madness show which is on at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin on the 12th June. There will be some really great artists there including Elmer Presslee, Angie Mason, Mimi.S, amongst others. For pricing info you an go Here to the inventory and pre-sale section of the Strychnin website.
If your in Berlin on the 12th, see you there!

'Custom Chess set'
Since being in Berlin I have had the time a to try out some bigger projects. I had always loved the look of Chess sets even though I don't play.
I started off with sculpting the characters out of polymer clay and then making silicone molds from them. I then cast them out of a strong plaster/silicone mix to make the 36 pieces. 1x King, 1x Queen, 2x Bishops, 2x Knights, 2 x Rooks and 8 x different pawns each side. After touching them up and painting them I then started to construct the board. The board is made to fold in half into a case and has custome fit felt covered draws to hold the pieces. The actual board playing size is 38x38cm with a 6cm boarder. This is a one off so get in fast!

'Believe Everything'
Sculpture: Potters clay & Polymer clay, hand engraved, painted and gloss varnished, mounted in a glass dome.

'Believe Nothing' (print size: 25x26cm)
1/1 Print: Ink and digital mixed Media. Archival Giclee Print on to William Tuner 310gsm art paper. Hand embossed and framed.
This is a piece I completed earlier in the year and had been waiting for the right time to release it. The Strychin show being a perfect op. I decided not to make it edition so this is the first of my 1/1 prints.

'Ernest and Ethel'
Painting: Acrylic and ink on textured art paper framed in a restored antique frame with glass.

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YieTze said...

wow ..nice Chess set you have here . Love your work so much ~