Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Mad Potters Tea Party

I'm currently working on a new sculptural piece for the up coming February show at Strcyhnin Gallery. The Show is titled 'The Mad Potters Tea Party ' and is an Alice inWonderland inspired collaborative group show with the Uk ceramic innovators 'The New English'.
The show will consist of customised bone China from a bunch of really amazing artists including Ray Caesar, Chris Mars, Lola, Krk Ryden and Matt Haber.
We have all be asked to design imagery for a range of TNE products such as cups and saucers, plate, platters... There are even vases and urns to choose from. Each piece willbe a limitededition of only 10 and will come signed and packaged with a certificate of authenticity.
The UK model makers and special effects team 'Skeleton Heart' will also be making Mad Potters and other characters who will be sitting around a giant dinning table covered by ceramics in the middle of the gallery space.
So if you're in Berlin on Feb 4th come along to the gallery and take it look. This will be a crazy show and a good chance to get some nice custom pieces at a pretty good price.

This is an example of one of the plates that I have already produced with The New English and gives you an idea of what this show will involve.
This plate design is currently for sale through TNE and their outlets.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a well deserved holiday!
Cheers Seymour

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Seymours Troll House.

A few months back I posted some pics of a house I have been making for the Köln Artfair 21. After a blurry 3 months I am finally done and have just come back from Köln exhausted but really happy with how it all turned out.
Artfair 21 is one of the biggest art fairs in Europe so it was an honor to be asked to show my work there. The reception was great and I made some really good hookups and contacts.
So below are some pics of the house. It stands about 150cm and is made from a mix of woods, polymers clays, plastics, resins and paint.
If you are in Berlin in February you will get the chance to see it on display in a show at the Strychnin Gallery. If you have any enquiries feel free to get in touch.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seymour in Ammo Magazine

If you haven't seen it in stores already, there is great magazine/art book available from the UK called Ammo Magazine. Ammos Focus is finding and exposing illustrators worldwide. They are also totally independent which means they aren't restricted by big publishing companies, but it also means they work very hard each month to produce the issue on limited funding.
This month I was lucky enough to be featured in issue 4 with an interview and lots of samples of my work. If you get in early you can score a one of the limited edition mags with a hand made cover full of stickers and other bits. If you are into art book and love illustration I highly recommend you check this magazine out! Oh yeah it's only £5

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Seymour Dolls house

Hi all.

A few weeks back I said I would post some pics of the house I am building for the Cologne Artfair 21 in October. It's been a mammoth project so far and has taken far longer than I thought it usual. I have designed and constructed each part individually and put it all together like a big puzzle. All the detailing is hand cut and carved and is constructed from mostly wood and plastics as well as thick card for the tiling etc. So far it stands about 140cm tall. The outside still needs its lights and a paint job and then I can start the inside which will be 9 different rooms. Not your classic dolls house rooms!
More pics to come in a few weeks,
Cheers Seymour

Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Print!

Earlier in the year I created an ink drawing for the Strychnin Gallery titled '7 Year Glitch'. It was for a group show called '7 year itch' which was celebrating Strychnins 7th birthday.
I really liked this piece and was always interested to see what it would be like in colour. So I have released it as a limited edition Giclee print. It is a small edition of only 30 and is printed onto Hahnemühle 290gsm archival Bamboo paper. The Bamboo paper is a very smooth matt stock with a nice cream tone to it.
The size of the print is 21 x 35 cm and comes with the hand debossed Seymour stamp and a certificate of authenticity. It is available now through the Red Door Galley and Eyeball Kicks Gallery.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

'Halfway Home' group show

The Red Door Gallery has teamed up with the Scottish model making duo 'Finch and Fourarce' to present a new group show titled 'Halfway home'. The artists were all sent one of the 'Finch and Fourarce' tenement kit-sets to construct and customise. This was a really fun project and as you can see I got slightly carried away with my one. The tenements measure around 18 cm high and my one has a built in light and acts as a little lamp;)
The show begins on Friday at The Red Door Gallery and will run through the month with all the tenaments at a super cheap price ranging from £35-£75.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eyeball Kicks Framed

Eyeball Kicks Gallery in Wellington sent me this pic of the new print framed up. They do all there own framing now and are doing an amazing job, think it looks great.
This print is available framed or loose at Eyeball kicks and can also be purchased through there online store here

The Adventures of an Antiquitarian

Hi all,
This is a selection of work from my latest solo show titled 'The Adventures of an
Antiquitarian. The show documents the voyage and findings of a fictional character named Arthur Bazaljet and his companion Otto Heinz Vanderpaw.
The collection of original ink drawings and handmade sculptures will be shown at
The Red Door Gallery from June 14th - July 14th.
For a full inventory and more pics of the show you can go to the gallery/new work in
my website. All of the framed ink drawings are priced at £
85 each and you can contact The Red Door Gallery for pricing info on the sculptures and to check availability of the drawings.

Window Display and Arthur
Both Arthur Bazaljet and Dick Van winkles Time machine are hand made sculptures. The same process as usual..hand painted and varnished polymer clays and both cased in glass domes.

Dick Van Winkles Time Machine

Show Poster
These are available through The Red Door Gallery for only £10 each. They are printed full colour offset onto A2 170gsm uncoated paper. So to make your purchase go to the online store section on The Red Door website. Search for Seymour in the little scroll down thing and you will see the poster as well as other work of mine they have available at the moment.

Original Ink Drawings
The show includes 28 1/1 small (13x18cm) framed ink drawings. I wanted the pictures to be like it was Arthur Bazaljet drawing what he found on his adventures, nearly like a visual diary/sketch book. So the pictures are a mix of strange creatures, vehicles, animals, etc. The drawings are a lot more detailed than I usually do them and they kind of look like etchings when you see them in real. Again, contact the Red Door Gallery if you are interested.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Another nice job from Dan at 'Tattoo City Wellington' and Cheers to Chris for the pics!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Show Preview!

Next month (June 17th) I will be having a small solo show at the 'Red Door Gallery' in Edinburgh. The show will be titled 'Adventures of an Antiquitarian' and will be an extension of the print portfolios I did earlier in the year. The show will be made up of small original framed ink drawings as well as a few small sculptures. This is great chance for collectors of my work to get there hands on an original 1/1 piece. There will also be a special A2 poster made just for the show as well as few other interesting bits and pieces for under £10.
The pic below is a sneak peak of a few of the drawings I have been working on for the show.
I will post more details as well as the poster in the next few weeks. Until then!...Seymour


Hi everyone.
Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been a busy few months but back on track now.
I have two new limited edition prints available as of NOW! Details are listed under the pics.

'Eyeball kicks'
Edition of 30 (Size: 26 x 40cm)
Giclee print onto archival German Etching art paper.
Contact: 'Eyeball kicks Gallery' email:

This is a new limited edition print specially for 'Eyeball kicks Gallery' on Cuba street in Wellington NZ. If you have been down Cuba street before you will have seen the famous bucket fountains. They are a Wellington icon and really sum up the colourful feel of the street and area. So this print is my take of them! This print is only available through 'Eyeball Kicks Gallery' but they will ship world world on request.

'Oh Wien'
Edition of 30 (Size: 17.5 x 19.5)
Giclee print onto archival Bamboo art paper.
Contact: (Northern hemisphere) 'The Red door Gallery' email:
(Southern hemisphere) 'Eyeball Kicks Gallery' email:

Friday, February 19, 2010


I have finally got around to making a new website! This one is easier to use and way easier for me to keep up to date. It also looks a bit nicer :) My blog links straight off it and I will still use that for news updates and new work etc. So everyone, update your bookmarks or whatever you have my new URL is Go check it out.

'7 Year Itch' Strychnin show

Last friday was the opening of the 7 year itch show celebrating Strychnin Galleries 7 birthday with a huge show of over 60 international artists....myself included. It was a great show with heaps of cool work. You can check out some pics of the evening here.
My piece is titled '7 Year Glitch' and is a 1/1 detailed ink drawing onto fine art paper. This was also the first time I made my own frame which was a satisfying experience.
'7 year glitch' is available for purchase now at Strychnin Gallery here in Berlin.