Monday, March 28, 2011

1952 Seymour Spyder

I was approached a while back by a guy in New Zealand who wanted me to customise a collectors diecast car as a commission. When I first saw the size of the car I was slightly worried about how I could still give it detailing as a sculpture. Once I got that sorted I was straight into it and it was a heap of fun.
The car measures only 10 cms in length and as you can see it fits on the palm of your hand. The character and added car parts are made from polymer clay and are hand painted and varnished. He also has tattoo decals which are to scale and comes with a custom display case I made as the the original one didn't fit after modifications were added ;)
The modal of the original car is a 1952 300L Mercedes Spyder, hence the '1952 Seymour Spyder', kind of fitting...

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