Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hi everyone.
Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been a busy few months but back on track now.
I have two new limited edition prints available as of NOW! Details are listed under the pics.

'Eyeball kicks'
Edition of 30 (Size: 26 x 40cm)
Giclee print onto archival German Etching art paper.
Contact: 'Eyeball kicks Gallery' email: monster@eyeballkicks.com

This is a new limited edition print specially for 'Eyeball kicks Gallery' on Cuba street in Wellington NZ. If you have been down Cuba street before you will have seen the famous bucket fountains. They are a Wellington icon and really sum up the colourful feel of the street and area. So this print is my take of them! This print is only available through 'Eyeball Kicks Gallery' but they will ship world world on request.

'Oh Wien'
Edition of 30 (Size: 17.5 x 19.5)
Giclee print onto archival Bamboo art paper.
Contact: (Northern hemisphere) 'The Red door Gallery' email: info@edinburghart.com
(Southern hemisphere) 'Eyeball Kicks Gallery' email: monster@eyeballkicks.com

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