Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Adventures of an Antiquitarian

Hi all,
This is a selection of work from my latest solo show titled 'The Adventures of an
Antiquitarian. The show documents the voyage and findings of a fictional character named Arthur Bazaljet and his companion Otto Heinz Vanderpaw.
The collection of original ink drawings and handmade sculptures will be shown at
The Red Door Gallery from June 14th - July 14th.
For a full inventory and more pics of the show you can go to the gallery/new work in
my website. All of the framed ink drawings are priced at £
85 each and you can contact The Red Door Gallery for pricing info on the sculptures and to check availability of the drawings.

Window Display and Arthur
Both Arthur Bazaljet and Dick Van winkles Time machine are hand made sculptures. The same process as usual..hand painted and varnished polymer clays and both cased in glass domes.

Dick Van Winkles Time Machine

Show Poster
These are available through The Red Door Gallery for only £10 each. They are printed full colour offset onto A2 170gsm uncoated paper. So to make your purchase go to the online store section on The Red Door website. Search for Seymour in the little scroll down thing and you will see the poster as well as other work of mine they have available at the moment.

Original Ink Drawings
The show includes 28 1/1 small (13x18cm) framed ink drawings. I wanted the pictures to be like it was Arthur Bazaljet drawing what he found on his adventures, nearly like a visual diary/sketch book. So the pictures are a mix of strange creatures, vehicles, animals, etc. The drawings are a lot more detailed than I usually do them and they kind of look like etchings when you see them in real. Again, contact the Red Door Gallery if you are interested.

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