Thursday, February 16, 2012

A little Book of Monsters

Ok, so I have had a rather lazy blogging start to 2012. My New years resolution (one of them) was to be slightly more active on here. I have a packed year ahead so there will be a heap to post ;)
The year has kicked off with a bunch of freelancing jobs including kids books, show work and tattoo designs. It's been great to have a little break from the sculpting and get back to some illustrating.
For the last 3 years I have worked doing projects with the Scottish composer Stephen Deazley.
Stephen creates these amazing shows incorporating junkyard style orchestral bands alongside mass children’s choirs. His latest show is called 'A little Book of Monsters'. The show is broken down in to seven sections with seven different songs about different monsters. My job was to Design the monsters.
Below are a couple of examples. One is about a Snob Goblin and the other about cannibal monsters who end up eating themselves.
I will post more info on the show later in the year but for now you can get an idea of the music on their website, it's well worth a listen. (

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